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Another solar blow out in WA ….. is there a better model out there?

Another state government and another budget black hole of almost half a billion dollars all blamed on the subsidies paid for rooftop solar power.

According to this West Oz article  Western Australia now faces a $453 million bill over ten years. Feed-in rates nationally have been wound down yet the public still keep coming. It’s a never ending story.

Intersting alternative model in the USA is Sungevity, they allow householders to lease solar panels, the company then deals with all the issues associated with feed in tariffs etc, According to this Forbes  article they are launching in OZ.

What are your thoughts on the solar feed in tariff? Is it a case of buyer beware, or does the government have duty to help people who installed solar panel?

Consumer protection overhaul in UK streaks ahead of Aus

Over at the Labor conference in the UK, the shadow business secretary John Denham is set to announce a consumer protection overhaul.

As reported in The Guardian, Denham said:

 “We are going to look at how a combination of fair competition, better rights for consumers and clearer responsibilities on directors of companies can bring [con jobs] to an end. This is bad enough at any time. But when prices are rising and wages are falling it is particularly important.”

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Obama gives consumer protection agency teeth

Happy days for consumers

Happy days for consumers

It’s pretty nice to receive an email from the White House, even if we did sign up for it. It’s even nicer to read what the email’s about –  government standing up for consumers.  They’ve just announced that the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau will transition from its start-up phase into a full blown ‘real, live agency with the authority to write rules and to supervise the activities of America’s largest banks.

Its mandate? Plain and simple – ‘looking out for regular people in the financial system.’

In his speech yesterday, President Obama said: Read the rest of this entry »


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